League of Legends Multi Tool v1.2

How to reach Level 30 without even playing a single Game? How to get all the Champions and Runes you want because you have an unlimited amount of Influence Points? Well, this is now very possible to happen to you, since you're reading this article. With our Tool you will be able to edit your Summoner Level to anything between 1 and 30 and your able to add 10000 Riot Points to your Account every single day just by the press of a button. Our IP and Riot Points Tool is now available for a limited time.

In this post we are going to explain how to download and use the tool, but we also provide our all in one troubleshoot guide which will help you if you have any trouble using the tool. To make sure the tool works for everyone we are willing to help you via E-Mail Support if you need any, you will find the E-Mail address inside the PDF file. Please make sure to leave us some feedback and suggestions.

Please read the Step by Step Guide below to learn more about the League of Legends Multi Tool v1.2

Are you afraid of Viruses? Don't worry, our application is virus-free, guaranteed! Click HERE for Virus Scan!

Step 1: Download the League of Legends Multi Tool v1.2 by clicking the Download Button Below. This download is only avaiable for a limited time (at least for this version of the tool) which is why we implemented a gateway to prevent bots from getting access to our Tool and give our followers more security.

Step 2: Open up the application, it should look like this once its opened:

Please make sure to NOT add more than 40000 Points per week, just to make sure our tool doesn't get noticed and patched.

Step 3(optional): Download our PDF Troubleshoot Guide if you have any problem downloading or using our tool. Bug Reports, Support and other Information about upcoming Hacks and Updates are also available


MapHack Tool v1.2

-Sick of getting gank by bush campers?
-Tired of shitty team mates not calling MIA?
-You’re the only one buying wards?
-Say goodbye to fog of war and buying wards!

Probably the most requested League of Legends cheats is what we call the maphack. It enables you to see through the fog of war and analyze your opponents every move. In this version, you will also be able to see invisible units such as the champions (Shaco,Evelynn, Twitch, Akali, etc) as well as wards and Teemo mushrooms and Shacos annoying JitB. Now the League of Legends Maphack has a few unique features that can actually be toggled off and on.


League Of Legends Gold Tool v1.2

Tired of having feeder for teammates? Always doing your part trying to save them but fall intoconsequence and screwing yourself over? This where the League of Legends Gold Hack comes into play.

What this hack does is you set the amount of gold you start with and the amount per second you wish to receive. It’s pretty simple to use.


League Of Legends Champions/Skins

Ever wish you could have that new legendary skin that just came out, but you don’t feel like wasting money on a game?

League of Legends Skin Hack in my opinion is one of my favorite League of Legends hacks we have here. Why? Simply because it feels great starting a game with people complementing you on your skin, plus you feel like a bad ass when you aren’t only doing great but you’re also looking great.

What this League Of Legend Skin Hack does is it unlocks every skin for
each updated champion.
So your’ team comp looks great, only thing that is missing is a good support champion like Sona. Your last pick, but the only champions you have are ad carries. What happens when your team comp gets unbalanced because of you not having a certain type of champion ? You lose.

However, this is where the League of Legends Champ Tool v1.2 comes into place. With this Tool you can unlock any champion you desire. So never again will you reach a situation where you can’t pick the right type of champion to help your team win.

 If you have any trouble using this tool please download our PDF troubleshoot Guide HERE